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Yamaha will manufacture electric motors for motorcycles and cars with up to 268 hp


It is well known to many that Yamaha Motors’ work goes far beyond the manufacture of musical instruments, such as guitars, drums or pianos, many of which are of high quality and commercial value.

Its relationship with the automotive world is also well known, although perhaps that remains for the most enthusiasts of the sector. The reality is that the manufacturer of the two tuning forks has been involved in part or all of the development of engines for brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Ford or Volvo, in addition to having created the Yamaha OX99-11 concept, in which curiously they made use of a propeller from another distributor. So what’s new about Iwata-san’s company?

What’s coming from Japan now is a ‘zero emission’ block that they’ve been developing for months and are already accepting orders for. The unit they’re presenting is a prototype that can be modified and adapted internally based on the needs of individual customers, whether they are car manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers or any other vehicle manufacturer.

Yamaha will manufacture, Yamaha will manufacture electric motors for motorcycles and cars with up to 268 hp, VENTOS, VENTOS

It is an internal permanent magnet synchronous drive or IPMSM, a priori smaller and more efficient than the so-called ‘surface mount permanent magnet’, with power ranges from 35 to 200 kW, equivalent to 47 and 268 hp. In addition, the block can be cooled by both water and oil.

This is why it is possible to create units for smaller vehicles such as motorcycles or bicycles, as well as others with higher performance, such as the one we can see in the video incorporated into an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider duly coloured with the camouflage usually worn by prototypes in the testing phases on roads open to traffic.

And there’s nothing crazy about the images, which show the Fiat Group car in action after receiving the electrified heart signed by Iwata-san. You have to bear in mind that during the time this car was being built, it had a 1,725 cc thermal engine with 240 HP as standard.

All this also opens the door to future electric bikes from Yamaha itself, which is known for its years of experience in manufacturing bikes with this type of ‘clean’ block, as well as for launching the Yamaha TYE, a 100% electric trial bike, in 2018.