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The mythical Italjet Dragster is back


When an Italian motorbike appears before our eyes it will usually not leave us indifferent to it. Either we like it or we hate it, but there is usually no middle ground.

That is precisely what can happen with the new Italjet Dragster scooter (called by them ‘Urban Superbike’), a model that we saw completed at the 2019 EICMA (its prototype appeared in 2018) and of which we already know that it will begin production in the spring of 2020.

mythical Italjet Dragster, The mythical Italjet Dragster is back, VENTOS, VENTOS

At first glance it is clear that it is not a conventional scooter. It is not only its tubular chassis that gives it away, as if it were a naked motorbike, but also its front suspension system, which the brand has named S.I.S (Sistema Indipendente di Sterzo) and which includes a small aluminium swingarm anchored to the front axle to which is added a shock absorber positioned between the two foot platforms. With this system the steering and the suspension are separated so that in theory no vibrations are transmitted to the handlebars.

mythical Italjet Dragster, The mythical Italjet Dragster is back, VENTOS, VENTOS

This model will go on sale with two displacements: one of 125 cc and another of 200 cc. The first one delivers 14.9 CV at 10,000 rpm (suitable for the car license with three years of experience) while the most powerful one will have 19.8 CV at 8,250 rpm. The torque for the 125 cc is 12.5 Nm while in the 200 cc it grows to 17 Nm. In both cases its maximum speed is 125 km/h and its dry weight is 108 kg for the 125 cc and 112 kg for the 200 cc single-cylinder engine.

The less powerful model uses CBS combined braking, while the 200 cc model uses ABS. Both scooters use a 240 mm front brake disc and a 175 mm rear one, both signed by Brembo.

mythical Italjet Dragster, The mythical Italjet Dragster is back, VENTOS, VENTOS

This scooter is the evolution of the Italjet Dragster that was put on sale in 1998 and which also left no one indifferent to its groundbreaking design for the time. This model, which was marketed until 2003, came in several versions of 50 cc, 125 cc, 180 cc and 200 cc. Its engine was a two-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder. The 180 cc model delivered 19 hp at 8,000 rpm. By then it already showed its tubular chassis and its peculiar suspension system.

Italjet’s president, Massimo Tartarini, has announced that the Italjet Dragster will finally start production in May 2020. There will be a first edition of 499 units that have already been sold out and whose requests come from 20 different countries, including customers from the United Kingdom and Germany. Spain is also among the destination countries: the 125 cc version will start at 4,100 euros while the 200 cc version will be priced from 4,500 euros. To book this model you will have to wait for a new batch to come out and you will have to do it through their website.