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No, this isn’t the Tesla electric bike, it’s an electric bike with 40 miles of range made to attract attention


It is already known that a good marketing strategy always helps a product to reach as many people as possible, which can lead to more sales. The initial marketing or back-up phase is a key moment and the Super73 electric bicycle brand has taken advantage of the media ‘boom’ around the Tesla pick-up.

For all this commercial action they have also counted on the help of youtuber Casey Neistat, an American who has almost 12 million followers on his Youtube channel and who boasts a television series on HBO, created by Casey and his brother, called ‘The Neistat Brothers

Although the protagonist of the video has decided to nickname it after the huge vehicle presented by Elon Musk a few months ago, the Cybertruk, the reality is that Tesla is not behind this project in any way.

Tesla electric bike, No, this isn’t the Tesla electric bike, it’s an electric bike with 40 miles of range made to attract attention, VENTOS, VENTOS

Casey’s only relationship with the ‘zero emissions’ car manufacturer is that he has had access to some units to talk about the latest models presented by Tesla, of which he declares himself, or so he says, a great admirer.

What he’s done in this case is take his most complete model of electric bike, the RX, using the base and fairing the frame with simple aluminum plates in the style of the Tesla Cybertruck design.

As standard, this bike uses an aluminium alloy frame, a 600 lumen LED headlight and a four-piston caliper braking system with 203 and 180 mm discs. It also features 20-inch tyres with off-road capabilities, similar to those found on some bikes in the trail segment.

The electric motor of the Cyberbike offers a performance of 2,000 W, less than 3 CV of power and, talking about the performance of the original model, it homologates a maximum speed of 32 km/h. The ‘clean’ block is powered by a battery with a capacity of 960 W and the maximum range announced is 64 kilometers, rising to 120 kilometers in the case of using ECO mode and using the pedals to help the small electric unit to spend less.

If you look, the side panels of the Cyberbike prevent access to the pedals of the bike, so we would be talking about a use per load of less than 64 kilometers, taking into account that the scale will mark a few more kilos after this preparation.